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Image Products

FR-2000 Luminescent and fluorescent biological image analysis system



Bioluminescence and chemiluminescence detection
Imaging analysis of nucleic acid and protein
Multiplex fluorescence detection
Microplate imaging
Colony count and bacteriostatic circle measurement
Imaging analysis of planar chromatography
In vivo imaging of small animal and plant


  • Camera: designed for luminescence and fluorescence analysis and design of high resolution digital camera cooling
  • CCD: ICX 285AL Sony progressive scan EX View HAD CCD
  • The effective pixel: 1392 X 1040, A/D conversion: 16bit, sensor chip area: 2/3"
  • CCD refrigeration: relative to the ambient temperature of -50℃ for three minutes to remove, fast refrigeration, condensation.
  • The sensitivity of detection: chemiluminescence is greater than or equal to 0.6fg = 0.5pg, fluorescence, UV is greater than or equal to 10pg EB
  • Lens: Spacecom / preset electric focusing, aperture, focal length model
  • The lens focal length, aperture: 1.2-16F: Standard 12.5-75mm
  • Filter: automatic running round with six different filter
  • Photograph: integral, continuous shooting, shooting dynamic lifting, multi exposure, RGB color image
  • Source: optimization of multiple sets of 254nm-750nm reflection, transmission, visible light and ultraviolet light
  • Sample tray: beige, grey, purple and blue tray (automatic identification)
  • The sample carrying station area: 250 mm * 250 mm (UV 250 mm * 200 mm)
  • Network, display: 10/100/1000M Ethernet controller, USB2.0, touch screen
  • Methods: intelligent automatic drawer drawer
  • Analysis software: biological electrophoresis image analysis software
  • *Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice

  • FR-25 Liquid Laboratory Cleaner
  • FR-20 Vacuum Suction System
  • FR-300A/B/C Ice Box
  • FR-250 Electrophoresis power supplies