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Shanghai Furi Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 October, Furi Science & technology staff with their wisdom and strength to participate in the study of software development and project development of experimental equipment, a lot of biology.
 Furi Science & Technology attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, the advantages of domestic and foreign excellent software, hardware in product development, and complex technology, its research and development and independent intellectual property rights, which is suitable for patent protection for the technology are applied for a patent, the software products apply copyright protected, the complex number the patent technology has reached more than 50 items.     
 Because share Furi Science & technology products in the market and good reputation, for decades, Furi Science & technology enterprise image, product image has been greatly improved, complex technology, brands and products has also been recognized by more and more professionals. Furi Science & technology will be as in the past in the biological field of science and technology, and actively develop new products, and continuously improve the credibility and reputation of the complex technology, make contribution to our country is committed to biological research, medical treatment and information technology modernization, its goal is "all for more scientific...".